All About My Natural Hair

Thursday, January 12, 2017

It feels weird even typing that... my natural hair.
I've been natural now for all of 12 days.

Due to my busy schedule and the pervasive exhaustion I've been experiencing since the silly season rolled around, I really haven't done much to... my natural hair.

Before I get into my routine, let me tell you a little about my hair.

Length: short, maybe about 4 inches. Shrinks to a twa when washed and styled in a wash n' go
Texture: soft, not dry, medium thick strands, dense
Hair type: a good 4a\b but who really knows...

Hair Regimen

My routine right now is as simple as it gets. On Saturday, I cleanse and condition (I haven't deep conditioned since my chop, eeek).

Thereafter, I moisturize and proceed to style my hair in a wash n' go and let dry naturally.

During the week, for work, I put my hair in a puff, which is as easy as pie and takes about 3 good minutes. I do this by wetting my hair while in the shower to revamp my curls, brushing the perimeter to smooth and the doubling a hair band around my head and working it into the desired position.

I am loving the ease of this short new do and I'm in no hurry for it to grow out (for now anyway)!

What's your regimen like?

--- Glam Gal

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