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Thursday, January 19, 2017

For 2017, I conjured up in my head all these plans of going bare-faced most of the time. I love playing in make-up, but I love being able to just get up and go all the more! The way my time spent getting ready is cut smack dab in half once I decide to let the face free excites me.

Well these plans were hindered by the fact that I do not yet have the blemish-free, smooth as a baby's behind, clear skin (a la my sister @antioneilshanna) that I crave so much. But not to worry, Vanity Planet Spin Brush to the rescue! Or, so I hope.

The little gadget only just arrived in the mail and I have yet to give it a whirl but I am hopeful that it will work wonders for my skin. You see, the praises of this tool has been sung by many a Youtuber and I get the feeling that they just might be telling the truth. After all, results don't lie.

My skin right now is fair to fine with just the odd blemish on the horizon, but alas, perfection is that which I aim for. So I look forward to seeing what this thing can do.

Have you tried the VP Spin Brush? What are your thoughts on it?

--- Glam Gal

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