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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hi there!

Life has been busy lately, but I'm not complaining.
I've been having a wail of a time since the year started.
I made a few stops around the island and I'm taking you right along with me.

First up... Negril.

On the first of the month my beau and I went for a little chill time in Negril.
The accommodation of choice? Hedonism II.

The clothing-optional hotel on the border of Westmoreland and Hanover has a reputation for being spicy and raunchy and it definitely lives up to the expectation.

The hotel boasts a variety of delectable menu items from American cuisine to Asian and Italian. If the entrees were to die for, the desserts took you to heaven!

Each day is fully charged with things to do from pool activities to water sports like sailing and scuba diving. There is even a fitness centre for those who don't want to let it all go while on vacay. Or if you'd like you can simply lay out... naked!

There is a post-dinner show that reflects the theme of the respective night - such as Jamaica Night on a Monday or Fetish Night - Leather & Lingerie on a Wednesday - where co-ed performers dance and gyrate to the rhythm of the night. Thereafter the playroom, or 'Romping shop' as it is termed is open for business to couples, single women and invited single men. There you can let go of your inhibitions while you explore and rediscover.

Overall, it was a lovely experience.
I enjoyed the food and fun but more memorable were the freedom and relaxation.
I'd definitely recommend this vacay spot to anyone interested and I might even return some day.

Have you ever been? How was your experience?

--- Glam Gal

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