Skin Clearing Routine

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

I'm on a mission to create clear, beautiful skin.
I love the beauty of bare skin on a casual day. It's so warm and inviting.

I have crafted my own routine, but the minimalist in me kept it as simple as can be.
This routine is over and out in 4 simple steps. My morning routine is really very basic - cleanse, tone, apply make-up - but at nights, I turn it up a notch. 

Step 1. Remove any make-up with oil and or a baby wipe.
Step 2. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser and my Vanity Planet Spin Brush. Right now my go-tos are African Black Soap or my Simple Facial Wash

Side note: If you elect to include black soap in your beauty routine, do some research. Some, are pretty harsh and can burn or bruise the skin, particularly when paired with a harsh mechanical device such as a facial towel, or an exfoliating brush.

Step 3. Tone with either apple cider vinegar or my Citrus Twist toner which I pick up at Earth Elements on South Avenue.
Step 4. Apply eye-cream and blemish-fade-cream to any spots or hyper-pigmentation which may be present on the face.

And that's it.
I forego moisturizer most nights as I don't think it is absolutely necessary. My skin produces its own natural moisturizer (sebum) and by the time I'm in bed, my face usually feels pretty supple and moisturized.
This routine seems to be working for me so I suppose I'll stick with it, for a while anyway.

There are some elements to my routine which are not a part of the daily regimen:

Mask - once weekly. Mud or Mint Julep.

Exfoliate - once weekly. DIY sugar scrub or Shea Moisture's Hand & Body Scrub - yes, I also use it on my face.

Deep Cleansing Facial - once or twice per year, usually at Jencare Skin Farm. I am actually due for a facial soon. So when I go I'll take you right along with me.

---Glam Gal

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  1. I love Earth Elements. You should check out their masks, especially the activated charcoal or turmeric and lime. Their products helps me to control my oily skin.


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