The Switch Up

Monday, March 13, 2017

I have been natural for just over two months and already I'm protective styling.
I love my short natural hair, it's so easy and free. It takes me literally five minutes to style my hair for work in the mornings (i.e. as long I went through the correct process on wash day).

The only thing easier than my TWA is braided extensions.

I took a quick trip to my hometown last weekend and stopped at my new beautician who hooked me up with a lovely style that took less than two hours.

Before I left home, I shampooed and deep conditioned my hair and flat twisted it so it would be a bit stretched. When I got there, she blew it dry and got to work.

Benefits of Protective Styling

Apart from this style freeing up your mornings, there a few other benefits to it:

  • eliminates the need for manipulation which leads to retention
  • keeps the entire length of the hair protected from the elements which... also leads to retention
Overall, it's a great style both for when you feel like doing something different or when you are in hair growth mode. Either way it's a win.

What's your most recent switch up style?

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---Glam Gal

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